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Delicate Art of Parking Poster

Delicate Art of Parking

Documentary filmmaker Lonny Goosen (Dov Tiefenbach) is mad as hell. He's just had his car towed again! With nearly $3,000 in outstanding tickets, he decides enough is enough and sets out to film a scathing expose of the corrupt institution of parking enforcement. With the camera rolling, Lonny has no trouble finding people that are only too happy to vent their anger towards the system. But not surprisingly, the parking enforcers themselves don't want to talk to him. That is, until he stumbles upon Grant Parker (Fred Ewanuick), a parking enforcer who, despite constant abuse from the public, finds truth, honor and serenity in the act of ticketing. Grant's religious devotion to the work is challenged however, when his best friend and personal mentor is run down by an irate motorist and knocked into a deep coma. Grant and Lonny embark on a comical investigation into the delicate art of parking.

1hr 26mins long
M Contains offensive language.

William MacDonald
Trent Carlson
Tony Conte
Richard Side
Nancy Robertson
Gabrielle Rose
Fred Ewanuick
Dov Tiefenbach
Diana Pavlovska