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Das Boot

Here's a film that needs no introduction – unless, as will be the case at our screenings, that introduction is provided by the composer of the film's memorable score. German jazz saxophonist and film music composer Klaus Doldinger, visiting New Zealand to perform with his jazz group Passport, has generously agreed to introduce these screenings in conjunction with half-day workshops he will present for filmmakers and musicians in Auckland (April 4 at the Auckland Art Gallery) and Wellington (April 16 at the New Zealand Film Archive). Prospective participants should go to our website for workshop details. Normal admission prices apply for the screenings. Wolfgang Petersen's drama of life aboard a German U-boat (named 25th in Empire's list of the world's all-time best movies) began life as a TV series, and was first seen by the wider world in this 150 minute theatrical version released (and nominated for numerous Oscars) in 1981. Big thanks to the Goethe Institut for securing this print and arranging Mr Doldinger's participation.

2hrs 30mins long
M Contains violence and offensive language

Uwe Ochsenknecht
Martin May
Klaus Wennemann
Jurgen Prochnow
Herbertus Bengsch
Heinz Honig
Bernd Tauber