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Dads Decision

We love our dads. Where would we be without them? These short films tell stories about men standing up for their partners and children. Many of them are in tight spots, but like all good dads they rise to meet the challenge, and try to do their best by the ones they love. BISHTAR AZ DO SAAT (More Than 2 Hours) Drama, 15 mins, Iran. At 3am in Iran, a couple search the city for a hospital to cure the woman. Dir/Writer: Ali Asgari. Prod: Sasan Salour. MAIDEN Drama, 15 min, AUS, World Premiere In the tough world of greyhound racing in 1978, Mick and his family are trying to get ahead. Is he willing to risk it all on a single race? Dir/Writer: Stephen Kanaris. Prod: Tahnee McGuire. ABGESTEMPELT (Punched) Drama, 11 mins, Austria, NZ Premiere A young father of Arabic origin is harassed by the police, but retains his compassion as an example to his son. Dir/Writer: Michael Rittmannsberger. THE GOD PAINTER Drama, 15 mins, NZ, NZ Premiere A family of Russian immigrants has a fraught relationship with their neighbour. Dir: Pavel Kvatch. Prod: Helmut Marko, Pavel Kvatch. Writer: Joe Ryan. HATCH Drama, 19 mins, Austria, USA, NZ Premiere A couple of illegal immigrants become aware that they cannot raise their newborn, while across town an older gay couple desperately wants a child. Dir: Christoph Kuschnig. Prod: Martin Maier. Writer: Christoph Kuschnig, Karl Goldblat. THE SILK Drama, 15 mins, NZ Mr and Mrs Blackie take on their final project together - transforming the uncut silk into the perfect outfit for Herb’s last journey. Dir/Prod: Nathalie Boltt, Clare Burgess. Writer: Nathalie Boltt. MUD CRAB Animation, 5 mins, AUS A delightful animation about Spike, who has just caught his first mud crab. Now he and Dadda have to remove it from the crab pot without losing a finger. Dir: Igor Coric & Sheldon Lieberman.

1hr 35mins long

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