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Curious Child

The Graffiti of Mr Tupaia When a Cook Island school cleaner answers an unusual graffiti message, his life and the life of the mysterious author will never be the same again. Just Like the Others Calvin lives in a council flat with his Mum, Grandma and two little brothers. He wants to fit in with the other kids on the estate but he can't afford an iPod. Bottle Two brothers attempt to break an unbreakable bottle. Patu Ihu To escape the sorrow of a tangi (funeral) a young boy finds refuge in a card game taught by his uncle. His Bouquet A young boy plucks a flower from an elderly woman's garden at his peril. A Nice Night for Mr. Franklin Roger Bacon had a family, a job, a shed, a pet weasel and a dream. He should never have bought that dog.

1hr 18mins long