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Winner of the Best Actor and Best Screenplay awards at the 2015 Venice International Film Festival, Christian Vincent’s judicial drama stars Fabrice Luchini (Festival favourite: Gemma Bovery, Cycling With Molière) as a fastidious judge presiding over the Assize Court. Known as the “two-figure” judge, Michel Racine rules his courtroom with an iron fist. With few colleagues or outside acquaintances to call friends, Michel’s life in and outside of the court is equally somber. Overseeing a particularly brutal murder case, Michel is battling both the flu and a heady distraction in the form of juror Ditte Lorensen-Coteret (Sidse Babett Knudsen who rose to fame thanks to her role in the successful Danish series Borgen). Maintaining the utmost order during the heartbreaking trial, Michel must also resolve his intimate history with the beautiful Ditte. Confronting issues of class conflict, racial tensions, and religious divisions, Courted delivers a brilliant dramatic turn from its cast.

1hr 38mins long
M Adult themes.

Sidse Babett Knudsen
Fabrice Luchini
Eva Lallier