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Cocaine Cowboys

Billy Corben's often hilarious, exuberant documentary practically celebrates the bloodbath that was Miami's cocaine heyday, while delivering more solid reporting and facts than most of its sober competitors. Scored with a bumping soundtrack from a Miami Vice TV veteran, the story is told partly by former detectives and prosecutors but mostly from the perspective of the guys who profited from the crime: ex-cons, murderers, drug dealers, and transporters who brag like gangster-movie bad guys. Corben nails his history with vintage footage, death counts, and headline busts, while the crooks relish the good, bad ol' days with often absurd anecdotes, and the mob mother Griselda Blanco emerges as a bloodthirsty crime boss who would put Tony Soprano to shame.

1hr 56mins long
M Contains drug use and violence

Toni Mooney
Sam Burstyn
Raul Diaz
Nelson Andreu
Mickey Munday
Louis Caruso
Joseph Davis
Jorge Ayala
Jon Roberts
Edna Buchanan
Bob Palumbo
Billy Corben
Al Sunshine
Al Singleton