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Calamitous Love

Sole Mates After a chance encounter on a bus a young woman believes she may have met her soul mate. But is it enough just to share an expensive fetish? Aphrodite's Farm Aphrodite's Farm is an unabashedly upbeat and jaunty pagan fable set against a lush rural 1930s landscape. Cati: A New Zealand Fairytale What will one do to have the things one wants? Man's Best Friend A story about a man who loves his dog... just a little too much. An Unfinished Romance A romantic comedy about two strangers, two hookers, two paper boats and a whole raft of assumptions. Horses Steph is a young mother whose violent and controlling partner Craig, a mechanic, makes sure her car never goes anywhere. Isosceles All Jesse wants to do is jump off a building but Julie ruins his plans.

1hr 16mins long