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Bronson Poster


The film is 'inspired' by Michael Petersen (aka Charles Bronson), who was given seven years for a post office robbery (during which he got away with less than �30 and no one was hurt) and has now, at the age of 57, spent 35 years in prison, 30 of them in solitary thanks to his proud record of hostage-taking and assault. A regular fixture in the UK tabloids, he has won awards for poetry and art but, if this viciously gleeful movie is to be believed, his natural born mode of self-expression is hard-out, body slamming violence – given and received.

1hr 32mins long
R18 violence/offensive language

William Darke
Tom Hardy
Nicolas Winding Refn
Neil Broome
Matt King
Mark Devenport
Kelly Adams
Katy Barker
June Bladon
Helen Grayson
Edward Bennett-Coles
Anna Griffin
Andrew Forbes