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Breakfast with Curtis Poster

Breakfast with Curtis

Over the course of a balmy east coast summer, an introverted, bespectacled teenager is brought into the strange and delightful world of his bohemian neighbors. What unfolds, against the backdrop of lush flowerbeds and overgrown vegetable patches, is a mirthful story of unlikely and rekindled friendships. But for all of its wine-soaked, pot-infused dreaminess, Breakfast with Curtis is firmly rooted in reality. The rambling purple house where the action happens is writer/director/co-star Laura Colella`s, and her captivating cast is composed of her very own housemates and neighbors. Despite the homespun approach and unfettered narrative, Colella`s tale has a distinct vision and clear intention, one joyously devoted to the pleasure principle.

1hr 24mins long

Yvonne Parker
Virginia Laffey
Theo Green
Laura Colella
Jonah Parker
David A. Parker
Aaron Jungels