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Bra Boys

The Bra Boys are one of the most notorious surf tribes in the world. From humble beginnings this tribe has produced some of the world’s most renowned big wave surfers. They have also endured a running battle with local police, wars with violent gangs and a murder trial that threatened to tear it apart. Bra Boys follows the lives of the Abberton brothers, the unofficial leaders of the gang as they fight their way out of poverty and on to the world surfing stage. When life seems to be travelling along nicely, Jai and Kobe Abberton are arrested on murder and conspiracy charges. The ensuing murder trial became one of the most talked about in recent Australian history and put the Bra Boys centre stage.

R16 Contains violence and offensive language.

Sunny Abberton
Sunny Abberton
Russell Crowe
Koby Abberton
Jai Abberton