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Bon Voyage

In 1939 Paris, the celebrated actress Viviane Denvers accidentally kills her lover. In a panic, she asks Fr?d?ric, a young writer who has a crush on her, for help. But a combination of circumstances lead to him being accused of the murder, for which he is imprisoned. In June 1940, the arrival of the German army is announced and the French government takes refuge at Bordeaux. Fr?d?ric manages to escape from prison with the help of a fellow inmate, Raoul. They search for Viviane in Bordeaux, but she has become the mistress of a government minister. Not long after, Raoul and Fr?d?ric have the opportunity to help Camille, professor Kopelski?s young assistant, who is trying to flee from England with a cargo of bottles of heavy water, but a journalist called Winckler, who is spying on behalf of the Germans, finds out about it and tries to stop them.

1hr 54min long
M Contains low level violence

Yvan Attal
Virginie Ledoyen
Isabelle Adjani
Gregori Derangere
Gerard Depardieu