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Blue Jasmine

Starring Oscar winner Cate Blanchett and directed by Woody Allen, After everything in her life falls to pieces, including her marriage to wealthy businessman Hal, elegant New York socialite Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) moves into her sister Ginger's modest apartment in San Francisco to try to pull herself back together again. Trying to rebuild her life Jasmine accepts work as a receptionist in a dentist's office attracting unwanted attentions by her boss. Delicately portrayed by Cate, we slowly realize that Jasmine is the unwitting instrument of her own downfall, earning our compassion and sympathy. This film is all about Blanchett as her talent and acting genius shines brighter than ever.

1hr 38mins long
M offensive language

Peter Sarsgaard
Cate Blanchett
Alec Baldwin