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Blame It On Mum Poster

Blame It On Mum

The Celliers are an ordinary family: they are all totally nuts. Mady, the mother, a vibrant sixty-year-old, spends most of her time saying absolutely horrible things about her daughters and husband, Henry, formerly a leading businessman, who has been behaving strangely ever since he retired. Antoine, the oldest son, a CEO incapable of managing a firm, goes from one bankruptcy to another, while Alice his sister, between abortions, paints obsessively, a series of depressed and drug-addicted madonnas. As for Annabelle, a nurse in an intensive care ward, she tries desperately to save her nearest and dearest by reading their futures in the cards. It would be the best of all possible worlds for the Celliers except that Alice has a "chance" encounter, one night when she's depressed, with Jacques, a cynical and lonely cop, who becomes the spanner in the perfectly oiled works of the family neuroses. Everything explodes... for better or for worse.

1hr 40mins long

Sophie Cattani
Patrick Chesnais
Pascal Elbe
Olivier Marchal
Olivier Claverie
Nicky Marbot
Nathalie Cerda
Mathilde Seigner
Laurent Olmedo
Jerome Soubeyrand
Gwendoline Hamon
Gerard Moulevrier