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Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Milkha Singh- for some, the name evokes a faint memory from the pages of history. All most remember is that Milkha Singh, hailed as the Flying Sikh, was a famous athlete, who infamously lost the penultimate race of his Life. The film attempts to understand a catastrophic loss that was deemed a sure victory and explores through the darkness of disgrace, Milkhas redemption. The redemption and catharsis that come when he confronts his past. Milkha ironically finds himself in a place wherein he had lost his all. Pakistan, a place where he witnessed the bloody massacre of his entire family. The demons hidden in some dark corner of his consciousness come alive. This iridescent tale winds through the plagues of a bloody civil war, a lost childhood, homelessness, and petty crime to victories hard won and easily lost. It draws an intricate image of human trials, setbacks and fate leveraged against the sheer power of will. Evocatively illustrating that true victory lies in racing with ones troubles, not in running away from them . aapni mushkiloan se bhago nahin , unkey saath daud lagao. Milkha flies, falls and rises, bruising his soul but not his will to survive. Milkha Singh the world champion in 400 meters lost the most important race of his life- the 1960 Rome Olympics but won in LIFE.

2hrs 40mins long

Sonam Kapoor
Rebecca Breeds
Farhan Akhtar