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Berlin Is In Germany Poster

Berlin Is In Germany

Thirty-six-year-old Martin Schulz was behind bars when the wall came down. Now, after eleven years' imprisonment, the former citizen of the GDR has been released from jail and must find his way in reunified Germany. With nothing but the items taken from him at the time of his arrest – a blue East German ID card, an East German driver's licence, and a wallet of East German notes – he sets off into the world with good humour and enthusiasm. Life seems to be going well, but his past comes back to haunt him.

1hr 33mins long
M sex scenes/offensive language

Valentin Platareanu
Tom Jahn
Robin Becker
Robert Lohr
Oscar Martinez
Mirko Borscht
Julia Jager
Jorg Schuttauf
Inga Dietrich
Hannes Stohr
Florian Appl
Falko Freitag
Elke Hauck
Edita Malovc