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Berlin Calling

Berlin underground techno musician DJ Ickarus is touring the globe with manager and girlfriend Mathilde. The pair return from their tour of international clubland to Berlin's hot-house rave scene, where Ickarus is due to record his much anticipated new album, expected to be his best to date. But internal and external pressures are taking a toll. The party drugs are affecting Ickarus's personality and damaging his relationship with Mathilde. Can he conquer his demons and deliver the music?

1hr 45mins long

Udo Kroschwald
Rolf Peter Kahl
Rita Lengyel
Peter Schneider
Peter Moltzen
Paul Kalkbrenner
Megan Gay
Max Mauff
Henriette Muller
Hannes Stohr
Ernest Hausmann
Erdal Yildiz
Dirk Borchardt