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Ben 10: Omniverse

BEN 10: OMNIVERSE is the latest installment of the hit Cartoon Network franchise. With Gwen and Kevin out of the picture, BEN TENNYSON looks forward to being a solo superhero with his brand new OMNITRIX. GRANDPA MAX has other ideas. He assigns Ben a new PLUMBER partner, ROOK, who is highly skilled with his PROTO-TOOL, but lacks any field experience-especially on Earth. Ben has absolutely no desire to be a tour guide, especially since a mysterious new villain has him in his sights! No worries, right? Ben's defeated all kinds of evil, and is quick to remind everyone that he's saved the universe at least a dozen times. But, even with 10 BRAND NEW ALIENS at his disposal, Ben may have finally met his match! This new villain, KHYBER THE HUNTSMAN, sees Ben as the ultimate prey, and has a deadly ace up his sleeve-or rather, by his side. Khyber's dog wears the PREDATRIX, and with it, is able to become any one of the galaxy's 10 DEADLIEST PREDATORS! Each one of these vicious beasts is the perfect counter to any one of Ben's aliens! If that's not enough, Ben 10: Omniverse will feature never-before-seen adventures of YOUNG BEN with YOUNG GWEN and Grandpa Max, as they face MALWARE, an evil Galvanic Mechamorph who corrupts anything he touches! These flashbacks will tie-in to the present-day Ben's story, as Malware returns, more hazardous than ever! Ben will have to rely on his wits, his new partner, and a little bit of luck if he wants to survive!

1hr 30mins long