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Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues Poster

Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues

Jumping forward to September 1945, the village of St. Martin revels in post-war relief and schoolchildren make their return to the classroom. All except Sebastian (Félix Bousset - a very likeable and confident on screen presence) who is up to his old tricks playing in the hills with Belle, an enormous Pyrenean Mountain Dog whose bark is far worse than her bite - most of the time. Sebastian, rescued when abandoned at birth and raised by an adoptive grandfather, César (Tchéky Karyo), eagerly awaits the return of Angelina (Margaux Chatelier), his mother of sorts and niece to César, from her time in La Résistance in London. Complicated family dynamics aside, tragedy strikes when the plane carrying Angelina crashes in the wilderness of the French-Italian border, setting ablaze an enormous forest fire - one is led to assume St. Martin must be equidistant from each of the neighbouring countries. César and Sebastian enlist the help of shady pilot Pierre Marceau - the young gun`s long lost papa - to search for Angelina, presumed dead.

1hr 37mins long
PG Coarse language

Thierry Neuvic
Tcheky Karyo
Félix Bossuet