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Bedrooms and Hallways Poster

Bedrooms and Hallways

Director Rose Troche's second film delivers a sly, sophisticated examination of love - in all of its unexpected forms and permutations - in urban London. At the center of this comedic romp are roommates Leo (McKidd) and Darren (Hollander), young bachelors struggling to find Mr. Right. While Darren becomes involved with a libidinous but closeted real-estate agent, Leo, on the advice of a friend, joins a New-Age Men's Group, where he falls in love with a dashing Irishman (Purefoy) struggling to cope with his separation from his longtime girlfriend. Anything goes in this witty Noel Coward-inspired romp.

1hr 40mins long

Tom Hollander
Kevin McKidd
James Purefoy
Hugo Weaving
Christopher Fulford