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Becoming Jane Poster

Becoming Jane

Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) lit up the world with her words, wit and wisdom. But her life too was stoked by passion and romance. At the age of twenty she met and fell in love with Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy) and their relationship sparks a tale as real and romantic as her greatest work. In English society of 1795 marrying for love was a fool's game. Mondey made this class-obsessed world go round. Mr and Mrs Austen (James Cromwell; julie Walters), with their youngest daughter to wed, were only too aware of this. But their Jane is not for turning. Blessed with a feisty independent spirit the twenty-year-old sees a world beyond that of class and commerce, beyond pride and prejudice. She wants to marry for love.

2hrs 15min long

Maggie Smith
Julie Walters
Julian Jarrod
James McAvoy
James Cromwell
Anne Hathaway