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Beauty in Trouble

The film is a love story about a woman called Marcela and about two men: Jarda (Marcela's husband) and rich Evzen Benes. Marcela and Jarda live in a small, smelly and ugly house with their two children Kuba and Lucie. Jarda steals Evzen's car and he must go to prison. Evzen offers Marcela help (she can live in his empty house) and he lends her money. Marcela falls in love with Evzen and his money and they move to Italy. Marcela's mother dies and Marcela comes to her funeral. Marcela has never liked her mother's boyfriend but now they forget their struggle. Marcela sees her husband again and she finds out that she doesn't want to live with him any more. She returns to Italy and takes her mother's boyfriend Richard with her. At the end of the film Marcela lives in Italy but still thinks about her husband.

1hr 50mins long
R16 Contains offensive language and sex scenes.

Roman Luknar
Jiri Schmitzer
Jana Brejchova
Jan Hrebejk
Emilia Vasaryova
Anna Geislerova