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Beauty and the Beast (2014 - French) Poster

Beauty and the Beast (2014 - French)

After the wreck of his ships, a financially-ruined merchant exiles himself in the countryside with his six children. Among them is Belle, his youngest daughter, a joyful girl full of grace. One day, during an arduous journey, the merchant stumbles across the magical domain of the Beast, who sentences him to death for stealing a rose. Feeling responsible for the terrible fate which has befallen her family, Belle decides to sacrifice herself and take her father’s place. At the Beast’s castle, it is not death that awaits Belle, but a strange life in which fantastical moments mingle with gaiety and melancholy. As their relationship grows and Belle repulses his amorous advances, she tries to pierce the mysteries of the Beast and his domain.

1hr 52mins long

Vincent Cassel
Léa Seydoux
Eduardo Noriega