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Baden Baden

Ana, 26 years old, finishes a job she hates as runner on a big film shoot in Belgium. Instead of returning to London, she makes an impulsive decision to keep the production’s rental car and heads to Strasbourg, the town she grew up in. Once there, she gives herself a mission; to replace her grandmother’s bath with a floor level shower, better adapted to someone her age. Over the course of a summer, during which a broken love affair briefly blossoms again and Ana’s grandmother is hospitalised with a broken hip, Ana does her best to cope with life. In the spirit of the New Wave, director Rachel Lang’s sparklingly humorous debut explores complex ideas of love lost, and the pursuit of personal transformation. Salome? Richard shines as the free spirited protagonist of this quirky comedy drama, bringing both sensitivity and hilarity to Ana’s journey. The true victory of Baden Baden is the way in which the different relationships and types of love are treated, from the heartwarming relationship between Ana and her grandmother, to the explosive romances Ana navigates over the summer. An energetic soundtrack further heightens the freshness of this eccentric and enjoyable film.

1hr 36mins long

Zabou Breitman
Swann Arlaud
Salomé Richard
Rachel Lang
Claude Gensac