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Back To The Future Ii Poster

Back To The Future Ii

Getting back was only the beginning. Marty McFly and Doc Brown return in Robert Zemeckis’ time travelling sequel, where the pair must resolve the present-day damages caused by their future antics in the year 2015. Doc (Christopher Lloyd) shows up urgently at Marty’s (Michael J. Fox) doorstep, he warns him about a serious matter involving his future son. Travelling to the year 2015, they resolve the matter, but return to an altered present. Now Biff (Thomas F. Wilson) rules Hill Valley, a crumbling distopia. When Marty discovers the incident that lead to this ugly future, he is forced to travel back to the year 1955 again in order to correct the timeline. Part 2 saw the feature debut of Elijah Wood, who played the boy in 2015 that dissed the game Wild Gunman (for making you use your hands).

1hr 48mins long
PG Contains violence

Michael J. Fox
Lea Thompson
Christopher Lloyd