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Autumn Without Berlin

A captivating Irene Escolar delivers an award-winning performance as she plays young June – a woman who left her home in Madrid to escape a terrible occurrence. She has now returned, but not as the same person she once was. Wiser and more confident, she yearns to reconnect with her father, brother, best friend and ex-lover Diego. However, her past abrupt departure makes this much more difficult than she anticipated and she must gradually work to regain their love and trust. Her greatest challenge is Diego, who has also changed during her time away. He has become a recluse and retreated into a self-imposed solitary confinement in his apartment where he avoids human contact and natural light. June is determined to save him from disappearing completely. Slowly her presence draws him back into the world as she fights for them to reconcile their differences and realise their old dream of moving to Berlin together. This is an emotionally delicate and moving story that boldly confronts the limitations of love.

1hr 35mins long

Tamar Novas
Lier Quesada
Irene Escolar