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Autumn Spring

Vladimir Michalek's Autumn Spring stars the great Vlastimil Brodsky as Fanda, an old man who refuses to grow up. Despite pleas from his exasperated wife Emilie and son who want him to make some serious decisions about the future, he ignores their nagging and spends his days seeking amusement and adventure. Aided by his pal and former theatre colleague, Fanda keeps his acting skills sharpened by pretending to be a host of facinating characters. One day he is a retired opera star in the market for an opulent country estate, next a ticket inspector on the subway. Although he bickers constantly with his wife, their bond is palpable - deep down Emilie knows that at least it's never boring. But when Fanda fakes his own death, Emilie decides she's had enough and files for a divorce. The couple soon realizes however, that instead of old age being a time to take on worries, perhaps it is the time to shed them and live each day to the fullest.

1hr 33mins long

Zuzana Fialova
Vlastimil Brodsky
Stella Zazvorkova
Stanislav Zindulka
Ondrej Vetchy