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Frail of frame, but formidable in effect, guitarist/songwriter/ singer Rowland S. Howard was a pivotal figure on the Australian punk and post-punk music scene, as instrumental as Nick Cave in forging the fiery, original sound of The Birthday Party. In a career with several long intermissions, other great bands followed and two remarkable late solo albums. Aware that Howard was terminally ill in 2009, Richard Lowenstein, a longtime chronicler of the musical underground, worked with the man himself and an array of his collaborators, friends and lovers (and some stellar admirers) to fashion this richly detailed portrait of his life and times. It's a strikingly good film: unsugared, loaded with archival band footage – and symphonic in its brilliant deployment of his music.

1hr 50mins long
M Contains offensive language, drug references

Rowland S. Howard
Pierre Sutcliffe
Nick Cave
Mick Harvey
Marie Hoy
Katy Beale
Janet Austin
Ian "Ollie" Olsen
Greg Perano
Genevieve McGuckin
Bruce Milne
Bronwyn Adams