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Antonello and the Architect

Some years ago, Wellington architect Bill Toomath proposed the idea of constructing a �design den� underneath his Roseneath house. Toomath later revised the plan and it's finally complete � but instead of being a basement room it's a completely new structure, built as an elegant addition to the modernist dwelling he designed in the 1960s. Toomath's concept for this new room was quite revolutionary: �The idea somehow flashed into my mind, but from then immediately seemed inevitable, that the painting by Antonello da Messina of �St Jerome in his Study� simply encapsulated the whole atmosphere of what I hoped to, or what I would like to, have lived amongst.� With his fantasy painting of a man who had lived a thousand years earlier, Antonello explored the fourth dimension of time. So does Bill's replica � and so does this documentary. Using time-lapse and real-time cameras, Antonello and the Architect records the realisation of Bill's idea, and provides him with an opportunity to talk about his life, architecture, and influences over a long and remarkable career.

1hr 17mins long

Tony Hiles