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Another World (Un Altro Mondo) Poster

Another World (Un Altro Mondo)

Silvio Muccino (My Best Enemy) directs and stars as Andrea, a wealthy 20-something who is pulled away from his slacker lifestyle in Rome to visit his dying father - a man who abandoned his son and now wants to reconnect before he dies - in Nairobi. A warm-hearted film about geographic and personal journeys, audiences will especially fall for the natural performance given by the young Rainey Jr. as Charlie. Another World is based on the novel by Carla Vangelista, who also co-wrote the script with Muccino.

1hr 49mins long
M Contains sex scenes & offensive language

Silvio Muccino
Silvio Muccino
Michael Rainey Jr.
Maya Sansa
Isabella Ragonese
Greta Scacchi
Flavio Parenti
Eleonora Albrecht