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Animation For Kids 2012

Sure, animation has gotta LOOK good, it has to be fun to watch. But one of the really great things about animation is the way it can be used to create amazing characters and make them take part in impossible adventures big and small. That is probably the one thing that these quirky films have in common. It may be worth keeping that in mind as you watch this programme and are propelled from one imaginary world to the next to the next to the next. The whole journey will be fun – promise – but don't forget to imagine what it would be like if you were the one in the middle of it all. That would be even funner… when you think about it. And yeah, we know funner isn't a real word but this is animation! - MT STOPOVER Neil Stubbings/Switzerland 2011/3 mins Idiot space delivery boy picks the wrong pyramid for a toilet stop. MARVIN Mark Nute/UK 2011/7 mins Young Marvin was born with a hole in his head. Hey, he can take out his brain. And suddenly life is much more fun. A twisted tale narrated by Steve Coogan. Floyd the Android: Teleporter Jonathan Lyons/USA 2011/2 mins Careless ol' Floyd accidentally teleports his head. Oops. Nice 'N' Nasty Neighbours Titus Fehr/Switzerland 2011/5 mins If your neighbour is a monster, watch your step! Angelinho Maryna Shchipak/Germany 2011/4 mins Every kid that climbs on a bike needs a secret guardian angel, but does any guardian angel need this kid on a bike? Bramula Sarah Rotella/Canada 2011/3 mins Cat or vampire? You decide. The Storyteller Nandita Jain/India/UK 2011/11 mins Seven-year-old Nirmala attempts to grapple with the demons of her grandfather's dementia when he forgets the details of her favourite story. Luminaris Juan Pablo Zaramella/Argentina 2011/6 mins A man works in a lightbulb factory. He puts little balls of glass in his mouth and a bulb pops out. This film won both the Audience and Fipresci Awards at the Annecy Animation Festival in 2011. Floyd the Android: Dim Bulb Jonathan Lyons/USA 2011/2 mins Daredevil Floyd takes a wild ride on a rubber chicken when he tries to change a light bulb on the top of a tall building. I Am Round Mario Adamson/Sweden 2011/14 mins It can be a bit tricky being the only round person in a very square world. Not a lot of jokes in this story. Ernesto Corinne Ladeinde/UK 2011/7 mins Ernesto feels left out when he realises he's the only kid in school with a full set of milk teeth and so he resorts to drastic measures to get rid of them – his teeth, however, have other plans.

1hr 4mins long