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And If We All Lived Together Poster

And If We All Lived Together

Annie (Geraldine Chaplin), Jean (Guy Bedos), Claude (Claude Rich), Albert (Pierre Richard) and Jeanne (Jane Fonda) have been friends for more than 40 years. So when memories let them down, heart rates quicken and their families plot their future in retirement homes they decide to rebel and live all together. Their new communal lifestyle provides plenty of surprises, challenges and adventure but soon stirs up memories and hidden secrets from the past.

1hr 32mins long
M Contains sex scenes, offensive language & nudity

Stephane Robelin
Pierre Richard
Jane Fonda
Gwendoline Hamon
Gustave de Kervern
Geraldine Chaplin
Daniel Bruhl
Claude Rich
Camino Texeira
Bernard Malaka