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Amiri & Aroha

`Amiri & Aroha` began as a Maori version of Romeo & Juliet and evolved into a poignant love story, set against a background of gang rivalry and tribal hostility, filmed on the beautiful East Cape of New Zealand. Aroha, the daughter of a notorious gang leader, finds her life dominated by a childhood ceremony which pledged her to her cousin Hunapo. This union was arranged by her whanau (family) to heal a deep gangland feud. When Aroha subsequently meets her true soul mate, Amiri, the gang threaten reprisals if she marries Amiri, accusing her of bigamy. The film is Aroha`s right of passage as she struggles to make sense of her past and its impact on her future.

47mins long

Shayne Biddle
Michael Hollis
Mathew Wikotu
Mariel Ceballos
Kristel Day
Erol Peta
David Whittet
David Whittet
Cushla Tangaere