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Alpaca Social Club with Caitlin Smith Poster

Alpaca Social Club with Caitlin Smith

You’ve heard of the Buena Vista Social Club. Now there’s the Alpaca Social Club, with well-loved musos, Craig Denham and Jon Sanders. This year they tour together with special guest ‘story singer’, Caitlin Smith. Musical adventurers Craig (on accordion, piano, whistles, vocals and percussion) and Jon (bouzouki, guitar, ukulele and vocals), both members of pioneering NZ world / folk / jazz group Beyondsemble, are something of a live phenomenon. They tour extensively in Europe as they share similar eclectic musical tastes and are usually in the same hemisphere at the same time! This year has seen them tour in Germany and the Czech Republic as well as headlining a number of festivals in Ireland. Now touring with Arts On Tour, they‘re playing ‘the music they love from wherever that comes from’, including influences of Celtic, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Reggae, Soul, Americana and Gypsy swing origins. Joining up with celebrated jazz and funk singer Caitlin gives even more scope for artistic licence and musical alchemy.

1hr 40mins long