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Alle Alle (All Gone) Poster

Alle Alle (All Gone)

Freshly released from prison and hoping to find a new sense of purpose, Ina returns to the village where she grew up, only to discover that her mother's former house, abandoned for the last thirty years, is inhabited by Domuhl, a bankrupt scaffolder, and his hanger-on, mentally handicapped Hagen, who believes Domuhl to be his uncle. The village is in the middle of nowhere, on the former site of one of the biggest Russian military bases in East Germany, a historical anachronism in a desolate landscape of concrete and sky. The base belongs to Domuhl, whose father bought it for a song after the fall of the wall. Domuhl's father is long gone, having frozen to death on his scaffolding, and Domuhl leads a dreary existence of bankruptcy and alcoholism. All that changes when Ina arrives, and the trio's lives are transformed. This is an engaging and wryly humourous story about people, responsibility, hope and the future.

1hr 26mins long
M Violence, sexual references and offensive

Udo Kroschwald
Thomas Potzsch
Theo Vadersen
Stefan Kowalski
Simone Frost
Petra Kelling
Peter Kurth
Pepe Planitzer
Milan Peschel
Marie Gruber
Marian Wolf
Frank Voigtmann
Eckhard Becker