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ALEX She dreams of a place in the Olympic team by, Tessa Duder Alex, the young adult novel, was first published in September 1987. It has recently been re-published as a Whitcoulls Modern Classic to celebrate 25 years of it’s original publication. Alex became Penguin’s best selling work of fiction (for adults or children) for many years. It is recognized as ‘iconic’, a classic, a seminal Young Adult text, important in the development of New Zealand YA literature. Alex has been published in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England, USA and has been translated into Africaans, Catalan and Dutch. The book won the AIM Book of the Year and the Esther Glen awards in New Zealand. The engaging story of Alex has captured the minds of young and old readers for more than 25 years. Alex is a girl of spunk and ambition, striving to reach the pinnacle of her sport of swimming, learning the necessary disciplines for success in both sport and relationships – all increasingly important in this more competitive world, whether in sports, careers or just life. Alex was judged by the TVNZ, Frontline Arts programme, one of the five most memorable characters in New Zealand fiction along with Wal and Dog from Footrot Flats, Fred Dagg and Beth and Jake Heke from Once Were Warriors. The big-screen movie of Alex, scripted by Ken Catran, was backed by the Australian and New Zealand Film Commissions. Premiered in 1993, it starred 15-year-old Lauren Jackson as the perfect tall, multi-gifted and feisty Alex Archer. Today, Lauren has a daughter, and works as an actor, playwright and theatre director. We are delighted to bring back to The Vic screen this New Zealand film of Alex, on Saturday, 20 April 2013 screening at 4.00pm. Both the author of Alex, Tessa Duder, who we claim as a Devonport writer, (Tessa lived in Devonport for many years) and Lauren Jackson (Alex in the movie) will be present at the screening.

1hr 34mins long

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