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Aida on Sydney Harbour Poster

Aida on Sydney Harbour

A rebellion is brewing on Egypt’s borders, and for both the oppressor and the oppressed, loves and loyalties are about to be tested. Egypt needs a hero to lead their army, and the High Priest has chosen Radamès. Egypt’s fortunes will turn on his sword, but Radamès has a higher purpose. Through victory in battle, he hopes to win the hand of the beautiful slave girl Aida – handmaiden to the princess Amneris, and secretly, an Ethiopian princess. Aida is torn between her love for the Egyptian hero and her despair for the country he must march against – her homeland. And the Princess Amneris, who also desires Radamès, is beginning to have suspicions that her hero might prefer her slave… As Radamès returns to Egypt in triumph, Aida is greeted with a terrible sight – her father, the King of Ethiopia, is among the slaves. Just when all seems lost, the King of Egypt deals another blow: promising the triumphant Radamès his daughter Amneris’ hand. On the banks of the Nile, the lovers arrange to meet one last time. But the conquered Ethiopian King has a plan to save his country. Aida has to make a devastating choice. In the darkness, the King’s plan, Aida’s conflicted heart and Radamès’ steadfast love collide in a devastating finale.

3hrs long