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Agatha and the Storm Poster

Agatha and the Storm

Agatha runs a bookshop in Genoa, complete with odd customers and odder assistants. Agatha's brother Gustavo (Emilio Solfrizzi, a sort of Italian David Schwimmer) is a high-powered architect whose yuppie self-assurance begins to crumble when he discovers that he is the adopted son of a peasant family from the marshy Po Valley lowlands. The destinies of these endearing characters interweave in a bizarre triangle, tangled in the mechanisms of romance. Lushly shot and capriciously romantic.

2hrs 5mins long
M medium level sex scenes

Silvio Soldini
Monica Nappo
Marina Massironi
Licia Maglietta
Giuseppe Battiston
Giselda Volodi
Emilio Solfrizzi
Claudio Santamaria