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A Song For Martin

Barbara Hartman plays the first violin in a symphonic orchestra. She has been married for many years and has two grown-up children. Martin Fischer is a composer and conductor. He is also married and has two grown-up children. During the rehearsals of Martin's latest symphony they meet and fall deeply in love. As a consequence of their love they break out of their marriages. Especially Barbara has to pay a price as her son renounces her, whereas her daughter tries to understand and accept. Barbara and Martin get married and on their honeymoon to Morocco their love intensify and grow deeper and they make a vow of mutual honesty and sincerity. During Martin's work on a new opera he suddenly becomes forgetful and confused. At first Barbara puts it down to stress and a heavy workload, but soon new symptoms occur and Martin's diagnose is Alzheimer. A disease of the brain which slowly wipes away a person's memory and causes changes in his personality. The disease becomes the ultimate test of the power of their love and the story develops into a drama where Barbara desperately tries to maintain Martin in the person he used to be, the man she loved, and where Martin gradually disappears into himself and fights a fierce battle first to keep down the changes and continue his creative work, and later to let himself enter his new identity without Barbara's interference.

1hr 57mins long
M Contains adult themes

Viveka Seldahl
Sven Wollter
Reine Brynolfsson
Lisa Werlinder
Linda Kallgren