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9/11 and the American Empire Poster

9/11 and the American Empire

One of the challenging aspects of our communications culture, must surely be the need to package everything up to make it look pretty before anyone will listen to you. This film is anything but pretty. However, if you have ever had even a smidgen of doubt about the truth of the mainstream media story surrounding the events of the 11th of September, 2001. And you would like to know what other people think. And if you do not need to be spoon fed a clean and slick presentation, with pretty pictures and skillfully chosen music, but are willing to sit for almost two hours (this is no sound bite, but a serious presentation of facts) and listen to one of Americas leading and respected Christian Theologians, then this could be for you. On April 18th of this year, a significant number of people went to the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. They sat for two hours on basic chairs in the sun, listening quietly and respectfully to a detailed and firmly grounded discourse on matters of great importance. David Ray Griffin made it clear what growing numbers of that countries leaders think about America's government, military and media. In his talk entitled "9/11 and the American Empire - how should religious people respond?" he speaks gently but firmly to all people of the world, through the most careful use of the english language, and paints a vivid picture. He skillfully includes all the primary points of view held by different sections of the American society, and no matter what your views are about the events of this date, you are likely to find them expressed here. You are also likely to be gently stretched, and urged to see the events through others eyes. If this sounds like you, we'll see you there - and be ready for some lively conversation following the film - otherwise skip this cinema night, and have a lovely evening, whatever you do.


David Ray Griffin