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20 Cigarettes (20 Sigarette) Poster

20 Cigarettes (20 Sigarette)

Based on director Aureliano Amadei`s 2003 experiences in Iraq, 20 Cigarettes is the gripping story of a twenty-eight year old anarchist and anti-war activist who receives an offer to fly to Iraq as assistant director on a film about the Italian military ``peace mission``. Thrust into the middle of a military world he doesn`t approve of, Aureliano is surprised to discover a brotherhood and shared values amongst the people he meets. Before Aureliano has the chance to finish a packet of cigarettes he finds himself a victim of sectarian violence and, as the sole civilian survivor and witness, becomes an unlikely hero. With its ironic humour, this film offers a different take on the war in Iraq than American movies. It`s clear to see why this is also one of only a handful of European films that explores this subject matter.

1hr 31mins long
M Contains oiolence & offensive language

Giorgio Colangeli
Carolina Crescentini
Aurelio Amadei