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18 Years Later (18 Anni Dopo) Poster

18 Years Later (18 Anni Dopo)

Get ready for a warmhearted road movie that easily shifts gears between drama and comedy as two brothers drive across the gorgeous Italian countryside. Mirko (director, Edoardo Leo) and Genziano (Marco Bonini, who co-wrote the film) have not had contact in 18 years. While Genziano is a successful London stockbroker, Mirko is still in Rome helping the family mechanics business. When their father dies, the two brothers are reunited and forced to hit the road together in a vintage Morgan car, driving their father`s ashes to Calabria as specified in his will. Along the way this charming film provides plenty of adventures, laughs and insights about family relations and settling old scores. The brothers have to cope with a broken down car, strange motels and hitchhiking, as well as years of suppressed anger, jealousy and resentment. Will they make it to Calabria in one piece? And can they bury the past?

1hr 45mins long

Sabrina Impacciatore.
Marco Bonini
Edoardo Leo